Care Tips for Your Tooth Fillings

Care Tips for Your Tooth FillingsTooth fillings are one of the many treatments belonging to restorative dentistry, which primary aim is to restore the shape and function of a tooth that’s been affected by decay. Nowadays, it has been a routine procedure that usually needs an hour or so at the dental office.

No matter what kind of tooth filling you have, each one of them demands maintenance and proper upholding. Knowing how to take care of your new dental filling is vital so you can keep them for several years. Below are some guidelines you can keep in mind.

New Tooth Fillings

If it is your first time to have dental filling, be aware that you are more likely to experience sensitivity to hot and cold foods for around three months after the procedure. On the other hand, if it exceeds the normal range, you should inform your dentist right away.

At first, you will want to stay away from extreme temperatures and withdraw yourself from it slowly. Most dentists would also suggest you to avoid chewing too hard and eating on crunchy sticky foods, as well.