Penrith Dental Clinic | Initial Dental Consultation - Dentist Sydney
When you visit Penrith Dental Clinic for the first time, you will undergo an initial dental consultation. Our dentists will make sure that this is a positive experience for you as they will perform a thorough examination of your mouth and teeth.

General Procedure

There is a general procedure you will go through during the initial consultation in Penrith. First, you will be asked to fill a medical form by our friendly staff, this will provide our dentists with important information about your current medical condition.

After this you will be asked to undergo a full frontal dental examination. The dentists will have a close look at your teeth, gums and also examine for any infections or cysts in the soft tissues – gums and mouth. Any symptoms for oral cancer will also be checked.

Dental X-rays

This will be necessary to have a look at the internal structure of the teeth and diagnose internal cavities/infections. The latest X-Ray equipment which is less harmful and produces faster results will be used.


After the examination, our dentists will discuss the results of the examination. Based on this, the treatment will be planned, if necessary. Some treatments might be done immediately, while others might take a few appointments to be completed.

Dental Treatment Plan

Based on the discussion, a dental treatment plan will be formulated, which will mention about the treatment in detail, and also inform you of the dates and time of the treatment. It is recommended that you follow the dental plan carefully to protect your precious teeth.

Get Your Initial Dental Consultation Now

Regular dental check-ups are a part of achieving and maintaining optimal dental health and hygiene. Penrith Dental Clinic is equipped with experienced dentists who are highly capable to attend any dental condition.

We also house the latest technology available in the world of dentistry to see that we do not compromise on the safety and comfort of our patients. We ensure to provide you the best treatments in a gentle manner.

Give us a call immediately to get your initial dental consultation appointment fixed now.