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If you experience loss of sleep, pain in the morning, or if your partner complains of you gnawing your teeth at night, you might be a victim of Teeth Grinding.

What is Teeth Grinding?

Teeth Grinding is known as Bruxism in the dental world. While this might be considered strange, it is indeed a common problem. When some people sleep, they will grind their teeth due to the involuntary motion of the jaw. This occurs when they are unconsciously fast asleep, and hence, they will certainly have no idea about it.

Here are a Few Signs That Will Help You Identify Teeth Grinding:

  • Headache

  • Chronic Toothache

  • Pain in the ears

  • Stiffness of your face

  • Teeth marks or impressions on your tongue

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Problems Caused by Teeth Grinding:

  • Wear and tear of the teeth (begins with the enamel)

  • Severe gum pain

  • Broken or chipped teeth

  • Hurt tooth restorations

  • Jaw joint disorder

  • Loose teeth or tooth loss

Solutions for Teeth Grinding

Teeth Grinding can be stopped only with the help of a special device that you can wear while sleeping. This device will prevent the involuntary motion of the jaw, thereby protecting the teeth from grinding.

However, Teeth Grinding might also occur due to stress or some other medical conditions, so it is advised that you might also require a regular check-up. Our Dental care partners and specialists at Penrith will help you figure out what the real problem is, and treatment will be given accordingly.

Best Teeth Grinding Solutions in Penrith

We provide the best Teeth Grinding solutions in Penrith because we are well equipped and experienced in handling these type of problems. If you are a victim of Teeth Grinding, it is essential that you get it checked, before you lose your teeth.

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