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Even though dental treatments have come a long way, tooth loss continues to be a recurring problem, especially among the aged. Although a great deal of effort has been taken in decreasing dental health issues, tooth decay and preserving natural teeth, there is still a real risk of losing a few teeth. Most people give in to this as an inevitable phenomenon; however missing teeth can lead to a whole new range of problems:

  • An undependable bite

  • Problem with chewing and eating

  • Speech hindrances

  • An unattractive smile

  • Gradual deviation of teeth

  • Bone deficiency around the jaw region

  • Gradual reduction in your facial structure

  • More dental health risks

However, you can stave off these serious problems well before their onset by opting to substitute your missing teeth quickly through high-end restorative solutions like the best quality Dentures.

About Dentures

Dentures, or ‘false teeth’ as they are commonly known, are prosthetic dental fixtures that contain rows of unnatural teeth to substitute the original ones that have been lost. The application of dentures to take the place of missing teeth is a common treatment and it’s still an effective solution to tooth loss, especially considering the arrival of more advanced solutions and techniques harnessed in formulating tooth replacements.

Finding the Perfect Dentures

It is imperative that you take the right steps to find the set of dentures that fit you well and fulfil the dental requirements that are unique to your oral health. Creating and fixing your dentures will be done over the course of 2 to 4 dental appointments.

  1. An initial consultation with your dentist is important to reveal various aspects of your condition and the treatment procedure best suited for it. Your dentist will also suggest the kind of denture that best suits your unique requirements.

  2. Following this, your dentist will take an impression of your set of teeth and forward it to a dental lab.

  3. The lab will shape a unique custom tray that will be availed to get a precise mould of your unique bite.

  4. The mould will be used to form your dentures. This will indeed be fitted and tried out to examine closely the best comfort and fit.

  5. Be sure to follow the valuable tips and important reminders that your dentist gives regarding the care and maintenance of your new dentures.

Sophisticated Dentures in Penrith

A few missing teeth shouldn’t stop you from living a healthy and fulfilling life. Top quality dentures and several other active restorative oral solutions are our specialty at Penrith Dental Clinic. Your reliable dentist in Penrith aims to help you acquire a healthy smile by offering top quality dental care. Call us or request an appointment right here on our website.