Visiting us for the first time?

We are offering a special introductory package which includes:

$220 for the Examination, Scaling, Fluoride treatment and two X-rays if you don’t hold a health fund. If you have a health fund, your health fund will contribute to this cost, minimizing your out of pocket expense.



(Terms and Conditions:  The $220 offer includes the consultation, scaling, two bite wing xrays, and the fluoride treament. If you are covered by a private health fund, then you only pay the gap payment – should there be one. This depends on your particular healthfund.)


Philips Zoom: Book your consultation today and pay just $700 for a professional Philips Zoom in-chair whitening. This makes your teeth go as white as possible up to 10 shades lighter in only one visit. Philips Zoom whitening uses the state of the art ultra-violet light for best results.

Take home method: $570 take-home whitening kit (10 Syringes for 10 applications) with customised tray. Customised trays are far superior than any other home whitening methods.

(Terms and Conditions:  The whitenning offer applies to new patients and existing patients. It is recommended that a full check up and scaling is conducted and any tooth decay is treated before the whitnning process for optimal results.)