Root Canal Therapy / Endodontics

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Do you frequently suffer from severe pain in your tooth? You might be experiencing an infected nerve (pulp) in the tooth.

Information about Tooth Pulp Infection

Everyday exposure to different elements can diminish and damage the health of your teeth over time. As a result, bacteria gains access to the innermost easily affective parts of your teeth. This can lead to bacterial infection in the tooth pulp that comprises of nerves and sensitive blood vessels inside it. It can cause an intense and unbearable toothache that you experience.

Root Canal Therapy is the answer to get rid of the tooth pulp infection.

Signs that indicate you may need Root Canal Treatment

In addition to experiencing an unbearable and persisting toothache, there are other symptoms of a badly infected tooth pulp:

  • Increased sensitivity that you experience from your tooth

  • Chronic toothache, especially after consuming a cold drink

  • Staying awake due to tooth ache

  • Darkening of the infected tooth

  • Clear swelling on the interiors or exteriors of your mouth (looking like a pimple) that can advance to various other places

  • Escalation of pain particularly to the jaw and even ears

  • Formation of pus from the affected tooth

Know about the Procedure for Root Canal Therapy

Penrith Dental Clinic | Root Canal Therapy - Dentist Sydney
Root canal treatment, also called endodontics, is arguably the most misinterpreted dental treatment there is. Contrary to its popular associations to pain and discomfort, Root Canal Therapy is a safe and highly effective way of to soothe the toothache brought about by an infected tooth pulp.

Root Canal Therapy involves taking out the infected soft tissues from the pulp chamber, followed by especial cleaning of canals inside of the tooth, and replacing it with a especial filling. Usually, the treated tooth is restored using a Dental Crown (sometimes called a ‘Cap’) to ensure that it can regain its optimal form and function. The entire process of having a root canal treatment may require about two to three dental appointments.

Secure and Soft Root Canal Treatment in Penrith

Taking advantage of a root canal therapy is the best way to spare yourself the terrible pain and distress of having a badly affected tooth pulp. It is also the best way to protect your tooth so that there’s no requirement for extraction in the future. At Penrith Dental Clinic we specialise in root canal procedures and we ensure that you receive the best care during this treatment. To know more about the Root canal procedure and treatment and how it can help you achieve better dental wellness, contact the best dental experts here at our clinic. Your reliable dentist in Penrith intends to assist you with all your oral health issues so you can have the best set of teeth and a million reasons to smile happily. Call us now on 02 4721 7771 or just book a visit right here on our website.

“Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.”