When permanent teeth grow, the development of the teeth is accompanied by the growth of cracks and fissures, thereby making it vulnerable to teeth decay and infections. It is becoming increasingly challenging to get children to practice proper oral hygiene, and the only way of making the teeth stronger is to apply a Fissure Sealant.

Dental Fissures?

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Dental fissures are the small cracks and grooves that occur on the chewing surface. This is common for everyone, but there will be a lot of fissures for children, especially when their permanent teeth begin to develop. Though all teeth have these fissures, they are most common in teeth that are used for chewing.

Need for Fissure Sealants

Though it is a common belief that Fissure Sealants should be applied only to children, it is not as such. Even adults can undergo this treatment, but it is more effective and very important in children. There are many reasons why Fissure Sealants are important, but here are a few:

  • Dental fissures might make the teeth weaker, thereby causing more injury during trauma

  • These fissures create a good location for bacteria to develop, thereby causing infections and cavities

  • Food particles might also accumulate in these fissures, causing infections again

  • When Fissure Sealants are applied, these gaps will be closed

  • The teeth will be stronger, and they will also be healthier

  • Fissure Sealants work well when they are applied at a young age

  • Mostly, it is recommended when the permanent teeth are fully gown

  • Fissure sealant treatment is best when done for children of ages 6 to 8

  • However, it can also be availed by adults

Best Fissure Sealants Treatment in Penrith

Penrith Dental Clinic offers the best Fissure Sealants treatment in the area and we have special dentists who are trained with handling children. It is better to get Fissure Sealants treatment done in order to reduce the chances of tooth decay. It will also save a lot of money and help your child to maintain a better oral health with less effort. Call us today on 02 4721 7771 or simply book your appointment with your trusted Penrith dentist online.