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Most people believe the best way to improve their smile would be having whiter teeth. We agree. Whiter teeth definitely improve your smile and they will even work better things out for you. Teeth whitening are one of the most practiced cosmetic treatments internationally.

At Penrith Dental Clinic, we have the best dentists and tools to take care of your problems easily. Here are a few reasons why your teeth become discoloured.

Reasons for Dull Teeth or Loss of Whitening

  • Ageing

  • Daily wear and tear of teeth

  • Consumption of acidic foods and drinks

  • Strongly coloured food and drinks

  • Too much intake of fluoride

  • Side effects of medication

  • Smoking and drinking

  • Bad oral hygiene and dental care

  • Dental trauma

Types of Teeth Whitening

There are generally two types of teeth whitening services offered by Penrith Dental Clinic. The first is the in-office whitening treatment and the other is the take-home whitening treatment.

In-office Whitening Treatment

Here, the whitening procedure will be done in the Penrith Dental office itself. It is recommended over the take-home treatment because it’s quicker and has better results, since it is done in our well-equipped facility.

We can whiten your teeth up to 8 shades, depending on the need. The process is done with the help of a peroxide-based gel that will brighten your teeth on oxidation.

Take-home Teeth Whitening

If you want to do the whitening by yourself, you can take home a kit that will be provided by us. Our dentists will instruct you on the usage and safety tips will also be provided. You should be careful when you opt for take home whitening kit.

These kits might not be as effective as the in-office treatment, and it might sometimes take more than a fortnight for the treatment to be completed.

Best Teeth Whitening Procedures

Penrith Dental Clinic provides the best teeth whitening treatments that are available in the industry today. Give us a call on 02 4721 7771 and we will get you an appointment, or use our online booking system to fix one at your own comfort.