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Despite brushing twice a day, flossing, and taking great care of your dental hygiene, there are still ways that lead to dental health problems. This is why Penrith Dental Clinic recommends you to undergo a periodic dental examination to stay clear of all the possibilities of avoiding any major treatments.

Frequency of Dental Visits

It is recommended that you visit your dentist at least once in 6 months. A periodic dental examination will consist of a thorough check-up of the teeth, the gums and other oral tissues in the mouth.

If you have a specific dental condition that needs special care, you might have to visit the dentist even more frequently. All this will be briefed to you in your initial dental consultation.

A Normal Periodic Dental Examination Consists of:

  • A complete check-up of the teeth, gums and other tissues

  • Checking for early symptoms of oral cancer

  • Examination of teeth and previous fillings for cavities or other infections

  • X-Rays might be taken to check for hidden infections

  • Discussion with the dentist about our oral practices and hygiene

  • Creation of a dental treatment plan

Post Examination Practices

After the dentist examines your teeth, a report will be given and the diagnosis will be discussed with you, in case there is any problem. Based on this, a treatment plan will be formulated and you will be advised to follow it effectively.

A complete clean-up of the teeth might be performed, and if your gums are weak or have signs of infection, you might be given some medication. If needed, the dentist might even give some tips on oral hygiene.

Comprehensive Periodic Dental Examination

Penrith Dental Clinic provides a comprehensive dental examination for you. We will be transparent about what we are doing and let you know what the problem is and how it can be solved. Our dentists and equipment match up to the best standards in the industry, internationally. Give us a call or book your appointment online.