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Restorative Dentistry Sydney
Damages in teeth are common due to aging or problems like teeth grinding. Restorative Dentistry deals with the process of strengthening and repairing the damages in the teeth, with the help of advanced equipment.

Need for Restorative Dentistry

The following are factors that make it necessary for an individual to undergo Restorative Dentistry.

Dental Erosion

Erosion of the enamel takes place because of the level of acidity in the food consumed. This is common for people who have soft drinks or alcohol. Smoking or drinking also contributes to dental erosion on a large scale.

Tooth Loss

Aging is the most common reason for tooth loss, which is natural and cannot be prevented. However, other reasons like trauma, infection and severe tooth decay might also result in the tooth being removed surgically, thereby causing tooth loss.

Results of dental erosion and tooth loss

The major problem of tooth loss is difficulty in the consumption of food. It will be uncomfortable to chew or eat food, even if a few teeth are lost. Sometimes, teeth loss or dental erosion might occur in the front portion of the teeth, thereby producing major aesthetic problems. This will make you look older than you actually are which would be quite embarrassing.

On the other hand, missing teeth can also lead to infections, and even bone loss in the jaw, making the jaw totally weak. While tooth loss is ignored in most cases, the implications of it could be highly dangerous. Hence, it is recommended that proper attention is given and that you undergo a Restorative Dental Treatment as quickly as you can, before they get complicated and make it difficult for both the dentist and you.

The Most Popular Restorative Dentistry Procedures

At Penrith Dental Clinic, these are the most popular restorative dental procedures

To help you decide on which type of tooth filling best fits your needs, consult your dental partners here at Penrith Dental Clinic.

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Your reliable Penrith dentist can provide you with quality Inlays / Onlays and other dental treatments under Restorative Dentistry.

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Consult your dental care partners here at Penrith Dental Clinic for top-notch work on Dental Crowns and other tooth restoration options.

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Get rid of that small gap in your smile before it becomes a huge problem. Consult us to see whether Dental Bridges are suitable for you.

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Experience the many benefits of undergoing the most modern solution by your trusted Penrith dentist to missing teeth – Dental Implants.

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“Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.”