Tooth Extraction Penrith
Tooth Extraction is the oldest dental procedure. In very early days, it was done without anaesthesia, but now we have advanced technology and dentists mostly try to save your natural teeth. In some cases, Tooth Extraction is the last resort.

This might be done at a very advanced stage of tooth decay, or it might also be needed to remove parts of the teeth which are severely affected by trauma. At Penrith Dental Clinic, we try to avoid Tooth Extraction unless there is no other way.

Reasons for Tooth Extraction

Here are a few reasons for Tooth Extraction

  • No other treatment will be effective

  • Severely damaged teeth

  • Advanced stage of tooth decay

  • Advanced gum disease or infection

  • Preparation for cosmetic treatments

Our dentists will recommend Tooth Extraction only after detailed examination of the teeth

Tooth Extraction Procedure

This is how the Tooth Extraction procedure is carried out.

  1. Sedatives or local anaesthesia will be given

  2. After the sedative takes effect, the teeth will be slowly removed with the help of forceps

  3. In some cases, drilling or other surgical procedures might be necessary

  4. After the tooth is removed, a gauze will be placed to facilitate blood clot

  5. You will be advised on the procedure and the post-op care for the next few days

  6. Sometimes, the dentist might ask you to visit the clinic once again

Post-operative Care for Tooth Extraction

The socket (area where the teeth is removed) will take some time for blood clotting. There might be bleeding for a while. If the bleeding persists for a very long time, contact the dentist immediately.

It is recommended that you do not disturb the socket with your tongue or fingers since it will cause the bleeding to start again. For a week or two, it is also advised that you chew on the other side of your mouth.

Best Tooth Extraction Services in Penrith

We provide the best tooth extraction services in Penrith, while seeing that you experience as little discomfort as possible. We will also look for other alternatives before going for extraction. If you have any of the aforesaid symptoms, call us today on 02 4721 7771 or simply book your appointment online.

“Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.”