Dental Bonding Penrith
If you want a simpler approach to improve the aesthetic element of your teeth, Penrith Dental Clinic offers the perfect treatment for you. Dental bonding is not very popular, but it is still effective to a great extent.

What is Dental Bonding?

Dental Bonding is a procedure where a resin is applied to your teeth. it is permanent and takes a long time to wear out, but once it does, you might have to undergo the treatment once again. This treatment is also used to improve the shape and the appearance of the teeth.

Dental Bonding Useful for Treating

  • Damaged teeth due to trauma or accidents

  • Decaying teeth that have lost their natural colour and shape

  • Discoloured teeth due to aging or other factors

  • Uneven and irregular gaps in the teeth

  • Badly shaped teeth

  • Exposed roots, which could be a result of trauma or infection

Process of Dental Bonding

Dental Bonding is a very simple, non-invasive process. It does not cause any discomfort to the patient. Our dentist will check your teeth, and if the treatment is done for a specific set of teeth, the resin will be prepared to match the natural colour of the teeth.

First, the surface of the teeth will be cleaned and conditioned such that the resin will easily stick to it when applied. The resin will then be applied to the outer surface of the teeth and the dentist will wait till it is stuck to the teeth. Later, the resin will be sculpted according to the desired shape.

In the final stage, ultraviolet rays will be used to harden the resin and it will be polished to match the appearance to the original teeth. It will take an average time of 40 to 45 minutes to complete a Dental Bonding treatment for a single tooth.

Best Dental Bonding treatment in Penrith

We provide the best Dental Bonding treatment in Penrith at a very reasonable price. If you have teeth that are not shaped properly or damaged, then give us a call on 02 4721 7771 or just book an appointment online.