Getting Knowledge about Halitophobia

Getting Knowledge about HalitophobiaIf you already heard about halitophobia, then you must be aware that this condition is described as the delusional fear of having bad breath. Sure enough, no one wants to have bad breath as it restricts you to communicate with someone and reduce the confidence within you. However, halitophobia, also known as delusional halitosis, raises the bar to an extreme, making it a kind of psychological disorder.

Halitophobia as a Mental Condition

A lot of medical professionals deem halitophobia to be a mental disorder. This is because the person can’t be persuaded that halitosis does not exist.

One indication that the patient is suffering from the condition is the obsessive brushing of teeth that’s beyond the recommended routine. He or she will also constantly use breath mints or chew gum so as to hide the imaginary bad breath. Depression is common and is usually connected to an irrational fear of rejection if a person will be able to smell the breath of the patient with the said condition.

Common Causes of Halitophobia

Factors that trigger halitophobia to develop within a person’s bahaviour can be associated to different psychological patterns such as hypochondria, delusion and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).