Dental X-rays for Your Oral Health

Dental X-rays for Your Oral Health Dental X-rays are one of the common procedures done in a dental office. They are usually applied yearly or more often once your dentist is pursuing the development of a dental issue or treatment.

Your age, current oral health and any signs of oral ailment are the leading factors affecting how frequent you get dental X-rays. If you are a new patient, your new dentist will carry out dental X-rays to get an accurate image of your dental health.

Two Main Types of Dental X-rays

1.Intraoral X-ray

The procedure means that the X-ray film is inside the mouth. This is the most common category of dental X-ray taken. Intraoral x-rays give numerous details, allowing your dentist discovers cavities, inspect the wellbeing of the tooth including its surrounding bone. It can also examine the status of growing teeth and check your teeth and jawbone’s general health.